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Step Nine: Tell People

Starting a BusinessEllen Dittmar

Yay! The finish line is near. You are in the home stretch. You have a launch date in sight and you are steadily checking things off your to-do list. Before you know it your little business will be up and running! That can only mean one thing: it is time to tell people.

Maybe some people in your life already know; chances are you have told your partner and/or your best friend. Maybe you have even mentioned it in passing to some close family members. While telling your nearest and dearest is wonderful and definitely a step in the right direction, it is not quite "loud" enough. You need to announce yourself in a way that you will be heard.

And this, my friends, is scary.

At least it was for me. Sometimes I wonder if I am just a bigger wuss than everyone else in the world. Putting myself out there on social media and telling the world that I was starting a business, was up there in terms of being one of the hardest things I have ever done. Not hard, like scaling-a-mountain-hard or childbirth-hard or undergoing-chemotherapy-hard; those things are ACTUALLY hard. But in terms of feeling super vulnerable and exposed, it was up there!

However, if I wanted a business...if that was the end goal...I had no choice but to push through the fear. I had no choice but to take a deep breath and push publish on this post. It was terrifying. Not gonna lie. Once I hit publish, I immediately closed my computer and went for a long walk. I needed to distance myself from any possible response - good, bad or indifferent. And while I felt a bit panicked in that hour or so, not knowing how others would respond, I also felt at peace. It was out there. People knew. it was nerve-wracking but it was also a relief.

You know what else it was? Motivating. Heartwarming. Inspiring. Uplifting. And Wonderful.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 8.18.07 AM.png

People from every corner of the earth took a minute out of their day to wish me luck and to encourage me. I was met, not with judgment and criticism, but rather an overwhelming sense of love and support. So much that I literally cried. Partially because people are so darn nice and awesome and partially because it hit me that I had spent so much of my life being scared of what people think. longer. Actually, truth be told, I am still as scared as ever...but I'm motivated to not let it stop me.

People may criticize you. They may laugh at you. They may think you are silly or, worse, stupid. All of those things are GOING to happen. But people will also celebrate you and lift you up and support you to the ends of the earth! That will also happen!

So what are you waiting for? Tell the people. Let them shower you in some much deserved love!