Souky Souky

Following Your Dreams

Starting a BusinessEllen Dittmar

Do you have a dream? Of course, you do. You are human. We are born dreamers. That is what we are built to do. I think life has a way of sorta beating the dreams out of us. Telling us these dreams are nonsensical. Impractical. Impossible. And so often we accept what we are told. I know for the longest time, I did. In some ways, it was easier to accept that my dreams were just meant to live in a fictitious space, separate from my real life.  Then I didn't have to deal with them. But the thing about dreams...the ones that are pure and good and deep...they don't go away. They NEVER go away. They sit and nag and whisper in your ear late at night. They are persistent little buggers. And they consistently present us with a choice: acknowledge me or ignore me...either way, I'm sticking around for the long haul. Souky Souky is the product of those late night whispers that at some point turned into a screaming calling that I simply could not ignore any longer. It is my dream. Welcome to it.