Souky Souky

Our Philosophy

We believe:

  • in sourcing and spreading goodness.
  • that homes are more beautiful when they are gathered.
  •  in travel.
  • that diversity, in homes and in life, is something to celebrate.
  • in general silliness and laughter.
  • in being kind to the earth. And people. And animals.
  • that everyone deserves a fair wage.
  • that handmade is almost always better.
  • in artists. And art. And all that jazz.
  • in texture and layers and just the right amount of quirk.
  • that pretty doesn’t have to be perfect and beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • that we are #blessed and thus, it is our social responsibility to give back to communities in need.
  • the children are our future...just kidding...errr...but seriously...they kinda are.

Okay...I'll stop.