Souky Souky

Our Story:

We are Brad and Ellen, husband and wife team, accidental expats and founders of Souky Souky. We have spent over a decade living overseas, a lifetime of obsessing over home decor (okay, that part is mostly just Ellen) and countless hours happily wandering through souks, bazaars and markets around the world. One morning in the Spring of 2017, we woke up and decided it was time. It was time to shine a spotlight on the many talented makers of the world and their rich cultural diversity. It was time to stop hoarding all of the trinkets and treasures we have acquired abroad and start sharing them with others. It was time to give back to the local communities that have played host to us during our travels. It was time for us to bring beautifully crafted items right to your sweet little (or big) doorstep. And we could not be more excited about it.

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